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What Transport for Cambridge? 

Futures 2 report available online

The Cambridge Futures 2 report is now available.

You can see a Summary of the Study online this is based on the text and graphics used in the roving exhibition.

The Executive Summary in Word format is now available (large file - 2.7 Mb)

Or you can order a printed copy of the Report or the video/DVD.  Click here for details.

Studying Cambridge's Transport Future

The Draft Structure Plan for the period up to year 2016 proposes that 50,000 new jobs will be created and about 42,000 new homes built in the Cambridge sub-region.  This will be accompanied by a substantial growth in travel demand.

The already congested and under-funded transport system will be unable to cope unless there is major investment. Cambridgeshire County Council has estimated that 1bn needs to be spent on transport.

Cambridge Futures 2 aims to study the transport options for the Cambridge sub-region. You can find a summary of the study results by clicking the Futures 2 link at the top of the page.

And why not have your say on the study and the Structure Plan proposals by visiting our Futures Discussion Forum?

Cambridge Futures - The First Project

The original Cambridge Futures project examined seven scenarios for the future development of Cambridge - from "no change" through to developing a new town nearby, building along transport corridors or concentrating new development in the city.

In each scenario, the effects on the economy, social equity, environmental quality and transport were modelled. Find out more!

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Cambridge Futures 2 - What Transport for Cambridge - held a seminar on 14th September 2004 to present the findings of the public consultation.

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